5 Secret Tips on Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Posted on August 22, 2016

With Christmas just around the corner, the design-minded amongst us are no doubt already starting to turn their thoughts toward home decoration… and the centerpiece of every Yuletide home… the Christmas tree!

Before you go up to the attic and drag down the old box of decorations, have a read of these 5 Secret Tips on Decorating Your Christmas Tree, to help your tree stand out in the crowd this Christmas.

1. Pick a Theme

Obviously all of our trees are ‘Christmas Themed’, however picking a sub-theme for your Christmas tree gives it a non-chaotic, organised and complete look. For example:

Holy Theme – Angel Stars
angel christmas tree

image source

Woodland Theme – Animals & Pinecones

woodland theme christmas tree

image source

2. Be Ribbons Savvy

Ribbons can be a great space-filler, and achieve a sophisticated look when placed with care and purpose. For example – a solid and striped ribbon combination work well to give a skinny Christmas Tree a fuller look (left); twirling ribbons down a shorter Christmas Tree vertically depict a heightened grandeur (right).

Red Ribbons


image source

Green Ribbons

Green Ribbons

image source

3. Colour Scheming

Sick of your Christmas tree looking like a bit of a mix-and-match rainbow regurgitation? Try sticking to a specific colour scheme this year, and you’ll be amazed out how much more chic and stylish your tree turns out! Check out this classy black and white colour scheme (left), and of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional red and green (right).

Classy Colours

black and white christmas tree

image source

Classic Colours


image source

4. Spell it Out

Using lettering is an increasingly popular and clever way to draw attention to your Christmas tree, causing browsing eyes stop to and read your Christmas message. You can draw inspiration from your favourite carol (top image), or even try an exciting Christmas countdown (bottom image).

Lyric Tree

carol tree

image source

Countdown Tree

countdown christmas tree

image source

5. Top it Off

Every Christmas tree needs a worthy crown, and people are getting more and more creative with the headdress they select to top off their living room centerpiece. While of course many prefer to stick with representation of the traditional Biblical star of Bethlehem (top image), you can also draw inspiration from other popular Christmas figures (bottom).

Biblical Star of Bethlehem

star of bethlehem

image source

Rudolph Crown

Reindeer Christmas Tree

image source

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