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Posted on September 21, 2010

So many lights to choose from and so little time left to deck the halls in a more stylish way than last year’s efforts. What a disaster! It all started out with a handful of fairy lights subtly placed around the living room and ended up looking more like millions of glo-worms lining the walls but without the cute factor. Don’t even ask me about my electricity bill as I’m still trying to pay it off. No, this year will be different – I’m on a mission to create a Christmas glow around the home without causing eye damage due to high voltage glare.

What seems like such a simple task, purchasing indoor Christmas lights, is made so impossibly stressful on account of the vast number of styles available, the better than ever sales on the high street and the immeasurable number of websites offering great deals on the latest lines of fashionable designs. Nevertheless, this will not get the better of me; I will proceed with confidence whether it is for a box of fairy lights or the biggest fibre optic tree in the store.

Some friends of mine actually admit to enjoying the process of walking for hours around crowd-infested shops in a bid to find the best, brightest and cheapest lights for their homes. They search through messy shelves that are teaming with opened boxes and scattered random items that have so obviously been abandoned by some other customer who decided they weren’t getting the deal they were hoping for. What’s worse, they often have their children with them when they do this who have an innate skill for knocking things off such messy shelves. Not my idea of a fun shopping experience. This is why I do the majority of my Christmas purchasing online.

There are some fantastic websites now that are completely dedicated to Christmas items, with pages specifically for lights alone and often with guidelines on what’s new and how to get the most stylish look for less money than other sites of similar content. The easy to read sites are designed to assist people like me who have difficulty choosing from all available styles. They explain what each kind of lighting system is best used depending on your styling needs: with LED, solar, outdoor/indoor lights, fairy lights, fibre optics all separated, I can make a more informed and less impulsive decision for the first time in my “Christmas-light-buying” life.

So long as I plan ahead and give myself plenty of time to search these websites effectively, cuppa in hand of course, I’m sure to find the whole process much more satisfying than braving the inevitable queues at the shops. I’m too easily dazzled by packaging in the shops and would come out with so many “bargains” that, as usual, half of them would end up staying in their boxes as I contemplate my foolishness when it comes to bright sparkly things with a price mark down. Yes, it’s safer for a woman like me to shop online for lights.

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