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Pictures are worth a thousand words and therefore Xmas is a great time to get your message across to the ones you love by simply sending a Xmas card. There are so many to choose from; traditional, contemporary, humorous, personalised and generalised cards suitable for every boy and girl, mom and dad, boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife.

Christmas cards come in many flavours, there are the non-religious and all-embracing sentiments of “Season’s Greetings”, the traditional greetings include “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” and the religious cards embracing prayers, poems or Biblical verses. If you support a particular charity or sporting association you will most likely be able to purchase cards through them and thus have proceeds got to that particular organisation instead of purchasing through the commercial route and supporting the big companies focusing only on their profit margins and not on the goodwill of others and helping those in need.

We have a range of Christmas Cards to suit everyone!
We have a range of Christmas Cards to suit everyone!

With the advancement of digital technology you can now send ECards which are online greeting cards, animated cards or Egreetings which deliver personalised messages to family and friends. Due to the fast deliverable times of ECards they tend to be very popular to send to a loved one who might be on the other side of the world (and therefore avoid delays by using the traditional postal systems) or to someone that you might have accidentally forgot about – oops!

Personally I enjoy receiving cards in the mail. I don’t know anyone who does not like to receive letters or cards in the post (unless it’s bills then I am with the majority of the population and would like to just walk past the mailbox and never open it up). By sending a handwritten Christmas card you are demonstrating your love and appreciation for the person it is intended for. Families revel in displaying the Xmas cards received on the mantel piece or have them strung across the room for decoration and nothing screams “popular” more than an array of personalised Christmas cards.

Elegant, Classy & Luxurious - Christmas All Year has it all
Elegant, Classy & Luxurious – Christmas All Year has it all

If you want to really wow the recipients of Christmas cards and want to demonstrate that love and attention has gone into the details of the cards and where no random card will suffice then you can create your own. This has become a huge family favourite past-time where the kids put their creative skills to the test by collecting cotton wool balls to create snowmen, or twigs pasted onto cardboard in the shape of Christmas trees and not to forget the use of crayons, paints and collages of paper cut-outs to create Xmas masterpieces. Many a-homemade card has brought tears of joy to parents and grandparents the world over.

For the eco-conscious person you are also able to buy recycled Christmas cards and after the Christmas season most postal agencies place bins outside of their stores where you can dump all of your Xmas cards so that they can be recycled again. No matter which greeting option you choose make sure that you get your cards out early in December and remember to write the messages yourself or else you could be taken off the Christmas list the following year.

For the animal lovers; we have a range of Xmas cards that will suit everyone!
For the animal lovers; we have a range of Xmas cards that will suit everyone!

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