Christmas Gifts for Him

Posted on September 21, 2010

Why is it that men seem so easy to buy gifts for, but when it comes to the event itself, it’s the trickiest purchase of the lot? It doesn’t make any sense. There are only two or three things that interest my husband, so it should be straight forward to buy something in relation to those interests. However, I find it so difficult parting with hard earned cash to pay for something that I feel is a complete waste of money that he couldn’t possibly want as a gift for Christmas. And here lies the problem – my opinion of what makes a good present compared to my husband’s opinion are so far removed from each other that it’s not even funny.

Every year I try to find something I think he’s going to love but every year I end up frustrated with my plan and resort to the trusty favourites which are so lack lustre when it comes to the magic of Christmas that I no longer have that excitement about whether he will be as happy with his gift as I am with the act of giving. For several years things continued this way, the frustration grew as I realised that it was never going to get any better until I did something drastic to shake things up. And this is when I decided to break all the rules and have that forbidden conversation with my husband to settle things once and for all.

Instead of guessing what was going to make the perfect present, I took the bull by the horns and asked the man directly for a blunt answer. I wanted to know what would truly make him happy on Christmas Day, which gifts would be appreciated and if he preferred the secretive approach. My astonishment must have been crystal clear across my face by the end of the conversation. This was the day it all changed for me as this was the day I realised that men really do think completely differently to women.

This is what I discovered – a gift of tools and car accessories are great ideas for gifts for men. Personally, that is like a housewife receiving an ironing board and a bottle of bleach as a Christmas present. Nevertheless, I proceed this year with an open mind as he tells me that getting a new set of tools is right up there, in the same category as me getting my favourite bottle of perfume. As for whether secrecy is high on the list of priorities, again I’m slightly disappointed to find that it’s really not that important. In fact, my husband claims he would be just as excited this year if I handed him a gift voucher for the local hardware store because not only could he enjoy picking the tools out himself, but he could wait until the sales in the New Year and get twice as many.

The male brain is a difficult one for a female brain to fully comprehend. My bubble has been shattered; I can no longer have fun picking out fun gifts that I think he will like. Instead, he gets exactly what he wants, and I just have to enjoy the moment of opening my own gifts with trepidation as I keep my fingers firmly crossed that he paid attention to the thousands of hints given throughout the year.

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