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Posted on September 21, 2010

Playing Santa is a very complex and often stressful role to play year in year out. No two years are the same so there are no chances to sit back, relax and recreate the previous year’s charades. With most things in life, as time goes by things get easier and easier with practice. Not so, however, when children are involved. As children grow older, they get wise to each new cover up and hiding place so you need to keep fresh with ideas on how to pull the wool over their eyes every year. Obviously, once they reach the teen years this may become a bit of a lost cause, but if you’re determined to prolong the existence of Santa in your household and you’ve just about running out of steam, pay attention to what I’m about to tell you.

  1. If you act (convincingly) like you truly believe it was Santa that delivered those presents beneath the tree on Christmas morning, and this must be a fervent and committed belief, and then no one will doubt your beliefs and in most cases will share this also. Of course, you may find that your kids will keep this up, regardless of whether they believe themselves or not, just so that they won’t hurt your feelings or burst your bubble about Santa. Either way, this still maintains the presence of Santa that bit longer than it normally should have without this act taking place.
  2. Never deny Santa when asked and absolutely never ask whether your children still believe in Santa – if they did before, they certainly won’t after you ask them that. Never make that assumption that they must already know, that will kill the magic outright.
  3. If adult family members or friends are planning on a visit close to Christmas time, don’t assume that they are just as aware of the need to keep the mouth shut about Santa as you are. Adults can be completely oblivious to conversational requirements, especially regarding this issue. Some may even think that the children should know the truth and will often “accidentally” let it slip through casual conversation in some shape or form. Have a brief word with all visitors before they cross the door that under no circumstances are they to talk about Santa, let alone unhinge that magical secret unless instructed otherwise – constant reminders may be necessary.
  4. Dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” is of utmost importance at this time of year and although it may appear a little overly excessive, you must pay close attention to wrapping details. This may be stating the obvious, but just in case, always wrap “Santa” gifts with specific wrapping paper and never use this paper to wrap any other gifts from other people or for other people whatsoever. That’s just sloppy and will have you ratted out for sure in no time.
  5. Not always necessary, but certainly a clever tactic to keep things magical in your household for another year – give your children a gift from “Mummy & Daddy” as well as from Santa as this will ensure that the link between you is kept separate for another while. This charade will be reinforced all the more if one of the presents from Santa is one that Mum or Dad would not approve of and you make this known when you see them unwrap this particular present.

Follow these simple guidelines and you are sure to allow Santa to remain real and true for many years, regardless of the age of your children.

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