Advent Calendars

There’s nothing that tells you that Christmas really is coming like opening that first window on your Advent Calendar. Whether you’re a child with the contents of Santa’s sack on your mind, or an adult with rather more Christmases under your belt than you care to admit to, an Advent calendar somehow adds to that emotional crescendo we all experience when Christmas approaches.

But these days Advent calendars have moved on from the simple picture-style affairs, hung on the wall that we remember from childhood. They now come in a seemingly endless variety of elaborate guises, and at Christmas All Year we’ve got the all the Advent calendar ideas you could wish for.

Take our Nutcracker Advent calendar – finely constructed from wood, the nutcracker soldier, resplendent in the colours of Christmas – green red and white – comprises a stack of 24 little drawers; one for each day of December until Christmas Eve. Children love opening the drawers to find what it contains – a small gift, a piece of chocolate, or perhaps a coin?

Or how about our Santa-themed hanging calendar? Made of red felt, it has a red ribbon so that it can be hung within the reach of the children. They can open one of its 24 compartments each day until Christmas Eve, finding a surprise in each one.

But if you prefer something more mobile, you’ve got the choice of our wooden Advent Calendar Truck and the Advent Calendar Wooden Train. But if you’re a stickler for Christmas tradition, the Santa Sleigh Advent Calendar features Santa, surrounded by presents, driving his reindeer in the direction of children who’ve been very, very good!

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