Christmas Baubles

The Christmas Season has been the occasion for a bewildering variety of decorative motifs, but one of the most consistently popular, is the glass Christmas bauble. At Christmas All Year we carry Christmas baubles of every kind, from plain, gleaming designs to frost-finished baubles dusted with frosty glitter. When we are not fulfilling the wish of our fellow Australians to celebrate the season of goodwill with striking and convivial decorations, we devote ourselves to searching the world for new and exciting products to add to our catalogue.

So when Christmas approaches, hop online to view and order our amazing collection of Xmas glass baubles. You’ll be able to choose from packs of four dainty 6cm diameter matt gold glitter baubles or, at the other end of the scale, make a real statement with our huge, 30cm diameter ball baubles in silver, gold and rose colours. And we have everything in between. For example, look at our 15 cm diameter shiny gloss baubles. Priced at $4.95, and coming in silver, gold, red and blue, these are an affordable way to beautify your home in preparation for Christmas.

But for something really different on your Christmas tree, this year, try our boxes of 6 bon-bon shaped baubles – so real, you’ll want to unwrap them!