Christmas Trees

Of all the symbols of Christmas, none has become as potent as the Christmas tree. Instantly recognisable throughout Christendom, the traditional conifer is an opportunity for all the family to get together to decorate it. The real thing is a little hard to come by in its natural state in Australia, but luckily, Australians can turn to Christmas All Year for an exciting and diverse range of artificial Christmas trees online. We have them in all sizes:

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre optic Christmas trees have the great advantage that they don’t really need further decoration – you just switch them on, and the lighting system produces an enchanting display.

LED Christmas Trees

LED technology has brought so much to the celebration of Christmas, and Christmas All Year has gone to great lengths to bring the best of it to Australian homes. For a really imposing tree, try our 180cm 3D LED Christmas tree. Mounted on a wire frame, this tree requires no further decoration – just switch it on and let the LEDs do the rest!

Miniature Christmas Trees

Our miniature Christmas trees make great decorations for all parts of the house. Choose from our DIY miniature green fir Christmas Tree Set, complete with 12 glass baubles for decoration, hand painted with LOVE, PEACE, JOY and NOEL, our sets of 4 silver and green cone trees, or the 26cm snow-tipped tree.

Table Top Trees

Give the family dining table a festive look with our silver, gold or green sequined table top trees. Or for something really different, try a variation from the usual conifer – our silver table top tree embellished with teardrop beads.

Bare Christmas Trees

For many of us, the whole point of a tree is that you decorate it yourself. We do a range of trees from 150cm up to 300cm, just ready for you and the kids to get to work on.