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Christmas Presents Ideas

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During the month of December, it can be so easy to get sidetracked with planning Christmas, getting gifts for family and playing the “Santa” role. However, it is important to spare a moment’s thought for those who so rightly deserve that thought and often don’t get it because of being so incredibly busy with other things. Your kids’ school teachers. They have just finished spending a year educating your child and most likely arranging a beautifully thought out Christmas present for you that they have hand crafted to perfection, or thereabouts. Perfection should never appear too high on the agenda when it comes to kids; it truly is the thought that counts.

Most parents don’t stretch the imagination too far when considering a gift for the teachers and this can lead to a bit of a problem for them. A box of chocolates is a nice idea, but just think about this: if all the kids in the classroom buy their teacher a box of chocolates, which amounts to approximately 30 boxes of chocolates for one person. That’s a little on the excessive side and a rather difficult dilemma for the teacher – housing that amount of chocolate in the heat of the summer might prove to be quite tricky. Don’t get me wrong, teachers usually love chocolates and are grateful for any gift given from their students. Just keep this problem in mind if you do decide to go ahead with this gift idea.

So if chocolates are out of the equation, then what? That can depend on whether the teacher is male or female. For female teachers there are many options available.  Candles are an excellent present at Christmas time as they look very pretty, can be suitable for all budgets and will last long into the new year making it very good value for money and a memorable gift. On the same train of thought, photo frames are another great idea for teachers as they can be personalised with their own photos and changed as often as they require. Both candles and photo frames are gifts that can be purchased online in advance of the holidays so they don’t have to be a last minute scramble. If you are stuck at the last minute this year, you could always go with a bunch of flowers or a pretty plant, both of which are actually best bought just before the last day of term.

For male teachers, candles and photo frames just won’t work. What would work very well are funky and unique cactus plants. There are so many varieties available these days, just go and have a look through the local garden shops and try to pick out a plant that would suit your teacher’s personality. Quirky is always good. Other great presents for male teachers are anything barbeque related – personalised stubby holders, barbeque utensils or a cool apron. The majority of men I know love to show off their cooking skills in the back garden to their friends and family in the hot summer months. Presents like these will be well used.

If buying a present from the shops doesn’t appeal, you could always spend a little extra time this year and get your kids to make a present for their teachers – home made Christmas decorations, chocolates and other such items are always very well received as teachers understand the value of the effort involved in these gifts. You could accompany these little treasures with a sachet of cappuccino and any individual pamper packet (facial mask, foot soak, etc). This is personal instruction to the teacher that now it is their turn to look after themselves rather than all the children for a refreshing change.

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