Top 5 Best and Worst Christmas Gifts Ideas

Posted on August 23, 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s important to cast your mind back wincingly to last year’s awkward moments…

Over-acting your excitement upon unwrapping a random gift from an extended relative, upon receiving something that you didn’t even know was ‘a thing’ until that moment… My Aunt bought me a cap with LED lights in the brim…

Don’t laugh! Learn from these moments… and don’t put others through the same awkward “Oh Wow… What is it?” moment when they open a present from you.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list to help you:

Let’s start with the best Christmas gift ideas:

1. BB-8 Droid

BB droid from star wars

Sorry if you’re not a Star Wars fan… but considering its the highest grossing film franchises of all time, and set to release the latest installment, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, just before Christmas this year… This Star Wars themed, app-driven super-toy by Sphero has to be number one!

The puppy sized BB-8 Droid is controlled from your touchscreen device using a free downloadable app (compatible with most Apple and Android devices), and has impressive Drive, Message and Patrol functions.

2. An ‘Experience’!


Let’s face it, if you’re shopping for anyone other than a child… any gift they really really wanted they could have probably just bought for themselves throughout the year.

So, why not buy them something they would never have bought themselves, that provides memories they’ll never forget! There are a whole range of website dedicated to selling unforgettable experiences for reasonable prices, such as Red Balloon – offering vouchers for everything from thrill seeking experiences like sky diving, to indulgent spa retreats and dining experiences.

Warning: Know your audience! This ‘best’ gift idea can easily turn in to a ‘worst’ if, for example, you buy someone who’s terrified of heights a hot air balloon ride!

3. Netflix Account


Ok, this one is a little left-of-center… but think about it; why stress over trying to pick a gift someone may or may not even like, when you can provide hours upon hours of guaranteed satisfaction for any television/movie lover for around 10 bucks a month! That’s a gift that keeps on giving if I’ve ever seen one.

Perfect for all film/TV lovers, couch potatoes, new homeowners or bedroom banished teenagers.

4. World Scratch Map

World map

These brilliant World Maps are becoming more and more popular with your backpacking-bohemian and hotel-hopping types – giving them the ability to scratch off each country as they make their way around the World! There are a few different types on the market, with MapWorld appearing to have good value wall maps and handy smaller travel map editions.

5. Polaroid Camera


It’s official, polaroid cameras are in vogue and trending! It seems everyone can’t get enough of taking quirky little snap shots that you can accompany with handwritten captions and pin to the wall, add to a scrap book, give as a gift or keep in your wallet as a memento. With a large selection of different Polaroid’s on the market, at varying price-ranges, you can generally find one to fit any budget. You can even find clever Polaroid Camera smart phone connection devices!

Now the worst Christmas Gift ideas, do NOT buy these:

1. The “NO!” Button


This is a button that you press and it says the world “NO!” in 10 different variations… Putting aside any initial queries about why on earth this piece of equipment was ever created – let’s just all agree that NO!one wants to receive this as a gift.

2. A Phone Case

Phone case

This usually comes with an immediate explanation, “I thought I’d get you something you’ll actually use!”… Who are you trying to kid? You saw it at the stall in the shopping center after you couldn’t find anything else.

3. Socks & Jocks


A Father’s Day staple… For Christmas…? C’mon guys, you’re better than that!

4. DVDs for a BluRay Player and Vice Versa


Happens every year… A small amount of research is all it takes to avoid this common error. (This goes for Xbox games for PlayStation and any other similar examples).

5. Shirt from Grandma


Absolute classic. Nothing better than having to sit through Christmas lunch wearing a different variation of the same awkward fitting polo your Nan gets you every year… bless her. I’m already practicing my fake “Thank You!”.

For further assistance in making sure this years Christmas is remembered for all the right reasons, check our Christmas All Year’s range of Christmas gifts and accessories online.

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